Château de cavalier..



boudoir photography, portrait, urbex

Photo shoot in a abandoned manoir with Kheira

Revalidation hospital


The dolls house


An abandoned chateau plus manoir somewhere in the South of France.

The abandoned hospital


Somewhere in the South of France hidden in plain view..

Hôpital abandonné

The library


A house hidden away in the countryside somewhere in the South of France with a beautiful library living-room and a gorgeous old stove in the kitchen

Portrait shooting with Dèmi


With the spring sun out here in the South of France we decided to do a photoshoot here in Bram at the train station.

Crime time!

book cover photography, portrait

book cover photo shoot crime / detective / thriller with Demi.

Spring in France

book cover photography, portrait, wartime

New shoot for bookcover market, theme 1940’s with Zoë!