new book cover UK!

An (rather old)  photograph of my daughter Dèmi, one that I always liked – and still do like- very much on the cover of a long way from home by Cathy Glass! I’m very proud!



new book cover Italy

Quattro lettere d’amore, niall williams.

quatro lettere d amore niall williams book cover elly de vries 2017
Italy 2017

new book cover france

And again  one from the wartime series I did with my daughter Zoe! I’m a extremely proud mother! 🙂


New book covers sold in Sweden and Italy!

three new book covers

2017 has started really good for me, 3 more new book covers sales!

Latest book covers!

A really great beginning of 2017, sold 2 book covers! One new one with daughter Zoe and the Lisa Black book cover for the third time. I’m happy!