New possible book cover shoot themed ‘ chased’

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new book cover france

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with daughter Zoe on the cover!


new book cover in the Netherlands!


A very special new book cover because it has my youngest daughter Dèmi on it AND it’s going to be published in the Netherlands, our country of origin! It’s called : “Anna’s Reis” written by Anne-Marie Hooyberghs and it’s coming out on the 10th of april this year. Can’t wait to buy and read it!

book cover elly de vries photography

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new book cover UK!

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Une photographie (plutôt ancienne) de ma fille Dèmi, une photo que j’ai toujours aimée – et j’aime encore – sur la couverture d’un long voyage de Cathy Glass! Je suis très fier!

An (rather old)  photograph of my daughter Dèmi, one that I always liked – and still do like- very much on the cover of a long way from home by Cathy Glass! I’m very proud!


three new book covers


2017 has started really good for me, 3 more new book covers sales!

book cover Portugal


Found a new sold book cover! The last one of 2016? Who knows! 🙂


Latest sold bookcover by me with daughter Zoe on the cover.



My daughter..


I am extremely proud of this new book cover sale as it is my own daughter Zoë on the cover, how cool is that!


book cover sale


Another book cover sale! Shot in an abandoned house in the village where I used to live… the house is now sold and made into apartments, I hope they left these beautiful doors intact…

….book cover elly schuurman



We have a small pool in the garden which in winter is covered with a pool cover. The rain leaves a big puddle in the middle of it and the kids leave their toys laying about -as they do throughout the entire house- including a baby doll. It somehow got stuck in the middle of the puddle on the pool cover and has been there for about six months, seeing as I was too lazy did not have time to clear it away. Today was a sunny day and as I walked into the garden I saw the doll and noticed it had gone all dirty and green. What an opportunity! Got out the camera and started shooting away. Got the doll out of the pool eventually and to my surprise a ladybug came out of it’s mouth! I think it would make a great book cover. What do you think?




It’s finally winter here in the south of France. Although there is no snow (yet) here in our village, a little further up the mountain there is heaps! So of we went with the kids and the sleighs for a good walk and play -and photo’s naturally- and came home with rosy cheeks to a big mug of hot chocolate with a dash of rum. Sundays don’t come any better.

cold s