New possible book cover shoot themed ‘ chased’

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Noir et blanc


new book cover france

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with daughter Zoe on the cover!


Zoë in black and white

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playing with wind and shadows on the newly build trainstation bridge here in Bram.

portrait shoots with Dèmi


Shooting in a abandoned villa nearby, beautifull decorations in this room and gorgeous light, I think we have some potential book covers here?

The 1920’s / 1930’s


My youngest daughter Dèmi posing for me which is very special because she doesn’t really like being photographed, so a very big thank you to her for doing me a big favor! I love you Demietje!

country girl


It was a very beautiful day here in the south of France yesterday, so We did a spontanious “country girl”shooting in a deserted barn only a few minutes from where I live. Thanks again Zoë, for always wanting to model for me!

La Francaise


Of course it’s not accurate but this is what we foreigners think when we say french girl!

Thank you Clara, you’re a natural talent and a very beautiful girl!

pregnancy photography


This week I did my first real pregnancy shoot and I must say I’m pleased with the results! Thanks to Virginie who was kind enough to let me use her for the shoot! I think she is gorgeous!



My daughter Chelsey a very good tattoo artist in the Netherlands was on vacation with me this week so a great opportunity to do a shoot! My beautiful girl!



A shoot I did this week with my younger sister Patricia. She wanted some bikini photo’s. We did some portrait and two photo’s of us together as well. Merci Tries!!