Another grandchild on the way!


And I had the honor of photographing the proud parents to be!

A very special photoshoot; My son Davey and daughter in law Julie who are expecting their first child in a couple of weeks time!

pregnancy photography


This week I did my first real pregnancy shoot and I must say I’m pleased with the results! Thanks to Virginie who was kind enough to let me use her for the shoot! I think she is gorgeous!

New opportunities!


I haveSONY DSC decided to extend my photography skills a bit (a lot!) and take on pregnancy and newborn photo work. I finally feel I’m ready for it after years of thinking I couldn’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t….. Always been to scared of disappointing people and not being able to live up to their expectations… But I feel that I’m now ready to give it a try! Not after I have done some practicing of course,  and so I have found someone kind enough and very pregnant (8months!) who is willing to model for me! Next tuesday is the day and I can’t wait!