New possible book cover shoot themed ‘ chased’

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Noir et blanc


Revalidation hospital


The dolls house


An abandoned chateau plus manoir somewhere in the South of France.

War time girl


From yesterdays shoot with my favorite model Zoe. Big thanks to the train station in Carcassonne and le bistro in carcassonne for letting me take the photos at their place!

The French Girl

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Model: CLARA

Theme: 1940’s / 1950’s French girl.



We have a small pool in the garden which in winter is covered with a pool cover. The rain leaves a big puddle in the middle of it and the kids leave their toys laying about -as they do throughout the entire house- including a baby doll. It somehow got stuck in the middle of the puddle on the pool cover and has been there for about six months, seeing as I was too lazy did not have time to clear it away. Today was a sunny day and as I walked into the garden I saw the doll and noticed it had gone all dirty and green. What an opportunity! Got out the camera and started shooting away. Got the doll out of the pool eventually and to my surprise a ladybug came out of it’s mouth! I think it would make a great book cover. What do you think?


Book covers


So, yesterday, finally after trying 2 years ago and not making it, I have now been accepted as an Trevillion images contributor! Wow! That means that my photographs could make it as a book cover or some other great advertising product. I am already learning a lot having taken all sorts of photo’s in the last two weeks to build a portfolio for them to view. I’m proud to say they have accepted 24 pictures and I will soon appear on their website! Thank you Trevillion!