3 new book covers!


The French Girl

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Model: CLARA

Theme: 1940’s / 1950’s French girl.

Meet the Corndolls!


This week I created a little family. Inspired by the old native American people who created dolls out of dried corn leaves for their children to play with.

I like the Corndolls, they’re very friendly!

latest book cover sales!


Two complete photos used as covers and 2 partial, one with my youngest daughter on it. The photo of the roses sold twice!

baby photography

First baby shoot!

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Yesterday I did my first baby shoot! My little miss model was Mina, a 4 week old little beauty that sure knew how to strike a pose! Fast asleep when she arrived but when we got her undressed and ready to shoot her big blue eyes never seized to look at me! She also took my first time shooting very literally and weed all over me lol, I guess we can say I’m officially baptised!

My daughter..


I am extremely proud of this new book cover sale as it is my own daughter Zoë on the cover, how cool is that!


book cover sale


Another book cover sale! Shot in an abandoned house in the village where I used to live… the house is now sold and made into apartments, I hope they left these beautiful doors intact…

….book cover elly schuurman