1940’s style photo shoot

new book cover france

with daughter Zoe on the cover!


Zoë in black and white

playing with wind and shadows on the newly build trainstation bridge here in Bram.

portrait shoots with Dèmi

Shooting in a abandoned villa nearby, beautifull decorations in this room and gorgeous light, I think we have some potential book covers here?

Back to the 60’s!

Hier, j’ai fait un séance photo dans le style des années 1960. Beaucoup eye-liner et de rouge à lèvres rose impliqué, et encore ma fille Zoë comme modèle. Elle a bien fait!

Yesterday I did a photoshoot in the 1960’s style. Lots of eyeliner and pink lipstick involved, and again my daughter Zoë as model. She did great!


Vintage girls!

Merci Angie and Dèmi!