About me

0elly de vries photographe

My name is Elly de Vries. I’m born in the Netherlands but have been living in the south of France since 2012.

I would like to describe myself as creative; I’ve owned a nail salon for 7 years, specializing in nail art and teaching, have worked (and still do !)as a tattoo artist in my own tattoo shop in Holland, love cooking and of course photography.

What started out as a hobby has grown into a passion; I’ve been doing photography for 10 years, discovering and learning along the way. I am  used to working on improvisation, inventing and creating sur place, using flea market finds and people around me as models. Still life and portraiture in different styles and themes make me happy, creating a soft romantic atmosphere or thriller like images.

My photographs are used as book covers and cd covers. My work is represented by Trevillion Images and Arcangel Images, the worlds  two leading creative stock agencies. I’m very proud to have appeared on the book covers of for example Paolo Coelho and Patricia Cornwell, it’s a very exciting feeling to know your photographs used as book covers are in book stores and homes around the world! My work is now on over 45 bookcovers and counting.




“ashley | I haven’t read anything by Lisa Black, but when I saw That Darkness , it struck a chord with me and I immediately wanted to read it.”bookcover by elly schuurman




Contact me: telephone +33 7 81715916 email:  emdevries@orange.fr