Montolieu, village du livre et des arts

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On a beautiful Sunday beginning of October we decided to go and do a little photo shoot in Montolieu, a village not far from us in the montagne noire. Montolieu is known as the book and arts village due to it’s many bookshops and art galleries. In the summer it can be busy with tourists but now, in the autumn, it’s a lot more peaceful and we were able to work in peace.

We asked the owner of a book store (who happened to be dutch!) if we could take some photos inside his shop and we could, really friendly guy.

With it’s almost Provence like colors, small ancient streets with flowerpots everywhere and little corners where you can just sit down and relax it’s really a charming village to visit!

book cover shoot with Demi

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young woman in field
young woman in field
young woman in field

It was another hot day here in the south of France but we decided to go ahead and do a photo shoot anyway. It isn’t far from my home this beautiful hillside, only a few kilometers. It’s a real summery landscape now where everything is a little dry and sunburned but I like it, I think it forms a nice contrast with the blue sky and red cardigan of Demi.

new book cover france

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with daughter Zoe on the cover!


patricia mcdonald book cover by elly de vries photography

Three new book covers

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Two here in France and one in Poland. Good beginning of 2018!