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New possible book cover shoot themed ‘ chased’

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patricia mcdonald book cover by elly de vries photography

Three new book covers

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Two here in France and one in Poland. Good beginning of 2018!

Two new book covers with Zoë!


One book cover in New Zealand, sold last year and just found the cover, the other book cover recently sold in France! Well done again Zoë!


new book cover in the Netherlands!


A very special new book cover because it has my youngest daughter Dèmi on it AND it’s going to be published in the Netherlands, our country of origin! It’s called : “Anna’s Reis” written by Anne-Marie Hooyberghs and it’s coming out on the 10th of april this year. Can’t wait to buy and read it!

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new book cover UK!

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Une photographie (plutôt ancienne) de ma fille Dèmi, une photo que j’ai toujours aimée – et j’aime encore – sur la couverture d’un long voyage de Cathy Glass! Je suis très fier!

An (rather old)  photograph of my daughter Dèmi, one that I always liked – and still do like- very much on the cover of a long way from home by Cathy Glass! I’m very proud!


new book cover Italy


Quattro lettere d’amore, niall williams.

quatro lettere d amore niall williams book cover elly de vries 2017

Italy 2017

new book cover france


And again  one from the wartime series I did with my daughter Zoe! I’m a extremely proud mother! 🙂


Italian thriller book cover!


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